Australia is a very unique country because this country is also one of the continents and is located in south of Indonesian archipelago. Australia is also the only country that occupies one type of continent without any other countries. Australia is known by several other terms such as Aussieland, New Holland, Terra Australis, and other Australian terms. New Holland is the name for Australia given by Willem Janz, he was a sailor from the Netherlands who discovered continent of Australia in 1605.

Some Interesting Australian Country Facts

There are many other interesting facts about Australia that not many people know. So that we can get to know Australia better, below are some interesting facts about Australia.

Kangaroo Population In Australia In Fact Exceeds Human Population

Country of Australia has a unique nickname, the Country of Kangaroo. Kangaroo is a type of mammal that has a pocket. So that kangaroo is usually called Marsupialia. There are lots of kangaroos in Australia. Therefore, kangaroos can be said to be unique animals from Australia, not from other countries. In fact, kangaroo population in Australia is twice the total population living in Australia. Even so, there are times when kangaroo population is not that big. The abundance of food for kangaroos from nature has led to an explosion in the kangaroo population in Australia. Because kangaroo population in Australia is out of control, many have suggested that people use kangaroo meat. So that kangaroo meat is often made as food for people in Australia. So that it could be an effort to better control the kangaroo population. Many people also worry that overpopulation of kangaroos could threaten populations of other animals that share their food with these kangaroos.

Most Of The Australian Population Lives In Cities

Australia has a very large territory, although Australia is very large in size, population distribution in Australia is not evenly distributed. As many as 90% of the population in Australia are in large cities. They live in coastal areas of Australia, such as Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. There are certain reasons why population distribution is uneven in Australia. The reason is that most of Australia is an arid outback with extreme temperatures. Meanwhile, the local Australian community called it “The Outback”. During summer, temperatures in Australian outback can reach 40o C or even more than that.

Many Animal Species Are Deadly In Australia

Australia is known to provide a habitat for various animals that are deadliest to humans. Great white shark or Carcharodon carcharias which is one of the deadliest animals in Australia and a Taipan snake or Oxyuranus microlepidotus. This snake is a venomous species that can kill humans with just one bite. Not only snakes and sharks, but there are also blue-ringed octopuses that have very dangerous venom. If bitten by this octopus, it can paralyze the human body and heart can be attacked, including respiratory organs. Those are some interesting facts about Australia. Australia is a very interesting country or continent. Because there are some things that are different about Australia compared to other countries.