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Australia is a favorite tourist destination for many people. While in Australia, we can enjoy natural scenery that is different from other countries. Various natural attractions owned by the Australian state are no less complete and beautiful than various European tourist destinations.

Some Important Things To Know Before Going To Australia

Before traveling to Australia, it is better to understand some important things, as below.

Winter In Australia

Usually, many people think that Australia is synonymous with kangaroos, koalas, or opera houses. But not only that, this Australian country can also be a destination for us to enjoy winter. So if you don’t have winter in your country, you can try coming to Australia. There is something to understand about winter in Australia. Winter comes in Australia from June to October. This winter, there are many very interesting shows for you to watch in Australia. There are laser shows, special spots to enjoy skiing, and other attractions or shows during winter in Australia. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity when visiting Australia.

Australian Cuisine

There are also interesting culinary festivals that we can attend when coming or on vacation to Australia. One of the festivals in Australia is Perth Wine Festival. Usually, this festival is held in the middle of year. When they come to the festival, tourists can taste many variants of wine. You can even look directly at the vineyard. So it can be a very interesting experience when visiting Australia. During the festival, tourists can also enjoy various kinds of delicious meat preparations. There is something special when you eat Australian cuisine, namely the kangaroo meat dish. These various culinary preparations for kangaroo meat are served by local residents and have a taste that you have never tasted before.

Muslim Tourism

For those of you who are Muslims, you don’t need to hesitate to take a vacation to Australia. Because Australia has developed halal tourism for Muslims in various places including tourist centers. There are already many halal restaurants in Australia that can be found in big cities. There are Indonesian, Indian, Pakistani restaurants and a variety of other halal dishes for Muslim consumption.

Souvenirs From Australia

It’s incomplete if we don’t see a variety of unique souvenirs from Australia. Some of these souvenirs from Australia can be purchased as souvenirs before returning to their home countries. One of the best places you can visit to buy souvenirs is Victoria Market, in Melbourne. At Victoria Market, you can see and buy a wide variety of knick-knacks. The affordable price allows you to buy more to bring back to your hometown. Apart from wide variety of souvenirs, there are also many choices of delicious snacks. You can also buy these snacks to take home. You can choose from a variety of Australian snacks such as potato chips, chocolate, or even wine that you can also bring home. That way, you can make your friends and family happy in your hometown and can introduce them directly to things that exist in Australia.