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The Blue Lion

One of the Best Restaurants in Jackson, WY.

A short 5 minute walk from the Kudar.

If you are looking for a fancy night out on the town, make sure that you reserve a spot for dinner at The Blue Lion.

The Blue Lion is a place where you can dress casually and still get a 5-star dining experience. The friendly staff is more than accommodating.

The wine menu 
includes a vast offering of fine flavors, a selection suitable for Dionysus himself. (A friend's 3rd cousin's step-sister said that a little bird saw old Dionysus enjoying dinner on the Blue Lions's deck last summer, but the bird may have had too many morning toddy's).

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Assortment of wine bottles in wine rack at the blue lion jackson wyoming
Favorite menu items include the Rack of Lamb, Elk Tenderloin, and the Pan-Seared Rainbow Trout (caught fresh in Idaho).
Famously known as a bucket-list dessert, the mud pie is the
Blue Lion's masterpiece of desserts.
Heck, you might want to order an extra serving for breakfast tomorrow and we promise to not tell yer parents ;)
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mud pie blue lion jackson hole

"After many years of driving by the Blue Lion in Jackson, I finally decided to make reservations. Right away my party was pleasantly greeted.

The guitarist playing softly was great.

Once at the table, the service was A+. The food was amazing.

I recommend the sesame vinaigrette for your salad. While the beef tenderloin was amazing, the buffalo de burgo was out of this world. Wine pairings were good and desert was more than tastey. I definitely recommend this place.
"James L.'s Reviews | Jackson Hole, WY | Google." James L. Google, Inc., 11 Feb. 2019 25 Feb. 2019.

The Blue Lion started out as a family abode built in 1930. 44 years later, it was transformed into a fondue restaurant. After 24 months, it was purchased by Karen Scott, (who became a chef in France at an elite French cooking school). Karen named it after her Leo (Lion) birth sign combined with her saddened (Blue) mood because school was over & now she had to saddle up & work like the rest of us. The Blue Lion was born. After 2 years of serving fine French fare, Karen decided to sell her restaurant.

In 1978 while vacationing for a ski trip, current owner Ned Brown fell in love with Jackson Hole and purchased the Blue Lion. Ned decided to keep the name along with the French menu. 

Now 40+ years later, Ned and his talented team continue to serve up delectable food that's definitely worth showboating photos of to your rich Aunt Pittypat.
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White House with blue trim with large tree Blue Lion restaurant Jackson Wyoming
The Blue Lion is open 7 days a week. They only serve dinner and their hours are from 5:30-9:00 pm. Expect live music almost every night. Guests often rave about the entertaining acoustic guitar music performed by local artists.

The food, drinks, service, and overall experience is said to be second-to-none, so expect a full house of special guests like yourself. We reckon you may want to reserve yourself a spot ahead of time. You can do so by visiting their website and use their "Find a table" form.

Ok, Mr. and Ms. Fancy Pants- it's time to put on yer fancy britches and hustle on over to the Blue Lion. Create yourself some of the finer memories that only folks staying in Jackson Hole, Wyoming can go home and crow to the Joneses about.