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The Bird

A fun, laid-back Jackson Hole favorite

Delectable comfort food paired with full-flavored beer, served by friendly people with a goal- that you have a unique fun-filled experience!

The Bird is an inviting restaurant that's just a little off the beaten path from downtown Jackson Hole, and for the view alone (from their outdoor patio) it's worth the short trek over. 
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view of jackson hole from wood deck at the bird restaurant
The food is something you can write home about. Especially if you like hamburgers.

The Bird starts each day with select cuts of beef brisket that are ground in-house, then made into patties that rest up until they are ordered to hit the grill.

If you are a beef connoisseur, make sure you order yours served rare or medium rare. That's what the experts at The Bird recommend. 

These flavorful burger creations are served on a toasted English muffin. This alone turns the flavor up to eleven. 

"The highest praise I can offer is that this was the place my vegetarian son broke down and became a meat eater again. It's that good. Great burgers, steaks, chicken wings...
...Fun, festive atmosphere. Great beer selection. A bit off the beaten path from Jackson but worth the short trip."
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Now for the Beer-

You will find 20 draft beers to choose from.

The Bird often changes the beer offerings throughout the day.

This is a must for beer-seekers on a quest for the freshest flavors of beers.

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row of beer taps at the bird jackson hole wy
The friendly staff works as a team, so don't expect your own server like at a traditional eating establishment. This makes for fast service and check-splitting based on dollar amounts, not split per item. 

Get on down to The Bird and make new friends while enjoying the company of the ones you went in with. The atmosphere, food, drink, and friendly team of hosts will have you booking a future trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.