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Liberty Burger 

2 blocks north of The Kudar

The finest combination of chuck, brisket, and tenderloin meats.
Innovative variations on the traditional burger.
Try you some Ahi, Lamb, Bison, or Veggie burger action

Escape from the repressed norm of fast food burgers and go experience "Freedom between the bun" at Jackson Hole's Liberty Burger restaurant. Freedom means you get the tastiest of choices at this Texas-born establishment.
8 types of meat.
7 kinds of cheeses.
24 toppings.
10 different spreads.
This is what freedom of choice smells like.
Or tastes.  

Because Freedom!
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Contents of hamburger bun bacon cheese onion tomato lettuce beef bison

Feel free to make any burger a bison burger, or a vegan "impossible meat patty".
Your Liberty. Your Choice.

American bison is 90% lean. It has lower fat, cholesterol, and fewer calories than even beef or chicken.

Bison is super-high in protein, minerals, and healthy fatty acids. 
It's filling, flavorful, and still healthy enough you can fit in your skinny jeans.

Meats not your fancy?
Vegans welcome!

Switch any meat to the famous vegan "impossible meat patty" with vegan cheese and mayo (and still fit into your skinny jeans).

Imagine a burger that makes you feel as good as it tastes.
Say hello to the Give Back Burger.

Want to be a part of the charitable nice-person club? Then put on your philanthropy bib, order up the "Give Back Burger" and take another step towards sainthood.
Liberty Burger donates $1 to a new charity each month. This tasty inner-joy instilling creation changes to a new flavor creation every month.
Eat a little, give a little. Do good. :)
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Liberty Burger Founder Mariel Street

"Give me Liberty or let me starve."
This is Liberty Burger's motto, and it's hard not to love.

Patriotic patrons of these sovereignty sammiches are paying it forward with their online praise.

Check out their glorious reviews on Google, Trip Advisor, and even Yelp.

Liberty Burger maintains a 4.5-star rating. Not surprising for this rocking Texas-born flavor institute.

You can become a real-live Westerner, and you don't need custom cowboy boots.

Trot on over to Liberty Burger and experience full-flavored freedom.